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Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect, store and utilize the information we get through all the different services and pages of this web site. It is important that you understand this information that we collect and how we use it because your access to this web site implies your acceptance of our Privacy Policy.


Your access to Credit Repair Advices Wiki implies the use of cookies. Cookies are small packages of information that are stored in the browser used by every user in order for the server to remember certain information that can be used later. This information allows to identify yourself as a concrete user and allow us to store your personal preferences, as much as technical information about some pages that you visited. Those users who do not want to receive cookies or want to be informed before we store information in their browsers, can configure their browsers for that effect.

Most of the browsers nowadays allow the management of cookies in three different ways:

  1. Cookies are never accepted
  2. Browser can ask the user whether it can accept every cookie.
  3. Cookies are always accepted

The browser can include the possibility to specify better which cookies it can accept and which ones i can not. In concrete, the user can normally accept any of the following options: reject cookies from certain domains; reject cookies from third parties, accept cookies as non-persistents (they are eliminated when the browser closes); allow the server to create cookies for a different domain. Also, browsers allow users to see and delete individual cookies.

You have more information about cookies in:

Web Beacons

This site can also store web beacons (also known as web bugs). Web beacons use to be small images of one pixel per one pixel, visibles or invisibles, located inside the source code of some web sites. Web beacons are used in a way similar to cookies. Also, web beacons are normally used to measure the traffic of users that visit a web page and get a pattern of the users of a web site.

You can obtain more information about web beacons in:

Third Parties

This web site measures traffic with different solutinos that can utilize cookies or web beacons for analyzing what happens in our pages. Currently we use the following solutions to measure traffic in this web site. You can see more about the privacy policies in every one of the solutions used in this web site for this effect:

Google (Analytics):

This web site also can host its own advertisement, of affiliates or ad networks. This advertisement is shown through ad servers that are using also cookies to show the ads to the users. Every one of those ads servers has its own privacy policy, that can be reviewed in their own web sites.

Currently, this web site shows ads from:

Google Adsense:

This web site also shows many ads that proceed from third party companies. Those ads are shown in the left sidebar of the web site.